SME Payments

Automate all SME bank payments from accounting and payroll applications

CreDec allows SME businesses to work in big ways, to automate and streamline their payments process to work just they way want: either to run it all themselves, or collaborate in part with external accounts staff and bookkeepers or outsource it altogether to their accounting provider.

General supplier payments, PAYE and VAT, as well as accounts receivable.

All by using the business’s existing cloud accounting platform to facilitate the collaboration and payment frequency each business needs, from its chosen provider – CreDec payment solutions fit the business and its existing providers.

Any designated users can manage pending payments and instruct payments, but only bank signatories authorise the release of funds from the linked bank account using their bank issued Personal Security Credentials.

Funds are either in the business’s bank account or settled on its employees or suppliers. They are not held elsewhere, so there’s no need to fund a payment account or manage credit balances in more than one place, other than the business’s own bank account.

Bookkeepers and accountants can manage all accounting and payment activity for their business clients, in flexible automated workflows to suit their client.

CreDec works for all bank to bank payment services, for outbound payments to employees and suppliers and inbound accounts receivable, all in real time from any online bank account. It doesn’t interfere with standard internet banking, uses only the customer’s bank security credentials and is completely secure.

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