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The speed and reliability of payroll payments matters – automate it, effortlessly!

No payments matter like payroll payments.

CreDec provide UK automated payroll payments using Faster Payments or BACS for all employers, large and small, so no BACS Service User Number is needed to deliver seamless automation and efficiency whatever pay cycle a business operates. Whether operating payroll in house or using an outsource payroll provider, CreDec’s payroll payment solutions work wherever payroll is run. CreDec payroll payments approval, authorisation and funding work as required in any combination. Funds are always paid from employers’ bank accounts direct to employees. There are no client money issues and CreDec does not hold client funds either.

CreDec payment solutions do not require any new bank accounts, there is no second payment account to fund, no set up by the business’s bank and no integration is required.

CreDec payroll payments follow payments and HMRC PAYE best practice, so regulatory compliance comes as standard. Payroll payments credit employees bank accounts immediately after midnight on pay day, as cleared funds. So employees are not prompted by their bank to ensure they fund their account to meet their scheduled payments.

We are the PAYE RTI payments partner of the UK’s leading accountancy supervisory bodies, like ICAEW, and support UK PAYE accountancy firms and bookkeepers operating payroll for their clients with seamless, low cost, automated payment solutions.

CreDec’s payroll solutions allow collaborative, branded workflows for all payroll outsource providers and their clients, supporting each customer’s own individual authorisation and funding process.

Payroll payments from CreDec work with any online bank account and any payroll software.

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