High volume payments and collections in real time

As a direct settling member of the Faster Payments Scheme CreDec’s innovative payments gateway provides enterprise users with business-critical payment use cases with transformative payment solutions, in very near real time.

CreDec allows enterprise customers to make or receive high volume or value UK bank to bank payments, via the Faster Payments Scheme, to provide error free, near instant payments with no counterparty or credit risk.

CreDec facilitates access to over 95% of all UK personal current accounts for retail platforms and business use cases that demand very near real time, error free payments.

CreDec’s implementation of its platform and Faster Payments gateway provides powerful advantages compared to legacy providers and standard settlement models enabling enterprise customers to re-engineer business process around a CreDec Faster Payments solution.

To discuss a potential use case in confidence with CreDec, please contact us using our general enquiries form.

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