Thought Leadership

Payroll: The Key to Universal Credit

The role of BACS hashed RTI payroll information in minimising the employer Universal Credit burden, and the dependence of Universal Credit on employer real time reporting of PAYE. Read More

Payroll Central: The role of payroll in public policy

An evaluation of the essential role the payroll function of UK business plays in supporting long-term Government policy and how the delivery of public policy reforms for tax, welfare and pensions all now rely on payroll reporting. Read More

Standing out from the crowd

The challenges of small business funding and the emergence of the Peer to Peer lending platforms marketplace as a potential alternative credit model to traditional SME bank lending. Read More

BACS: Very smart!

An introduction to the UK's core payment network and why it provides the best payment platform for UK SME payment solutions. Read More

When pocket-size can become a pain – in the pocket!

A brief overview of new payment services technology and providers and their challenges to the banks: and how these developments confirm a bias to consumer payment solutions in the race for market share and dominance, which may not translate into business payments markets. Read More

Out of Africa: The future of payments?

CreDec insights into new, emerging technology trends in the payments sector and how global non-banking brands threaten the traditional banking model. Read More

Bank of England Financial Stability Report June 2013

The Bank of England's bi-annual report on the stability of the UK financial system. Read More

VocaLink: Mobile Usage & Attitudes Report 2013

VocaLink research of the mobile behaviours and habits of more than 10,000 adults across the UK, intended to understand the attitude and usage to mobile banking and payments in general and to explore consumers’ views on aspects of trust, reliability and security. Read More

Clifford Chance SEPA Briefing

Introductory briefing to the creation of the Single European Payments Area from 1 January 2014. Read More

Bank of England Credit Conditions Survey Q4 2010

Bank of England UK Credit Conditions Survey, Quarter 4 2010. Read More