Accounts receivable are probably the largest current asset on the balance sheet: If you insure your buildings, insure your credit.

Credit Management Services

Credit management?

It’s about ensuring the credit you give to customers is paid back, in full and on time. There’s nothing complicated about it. It really is that simple.

The complexity arises where this is not an activity your business can invest in adequately, to make credit management run like clockwork, at its current stage of development.

This is where it becomes more challenging. When the constraints of staff expertise, incomplete systems and processes conspire to frustrate the smooth management of your business’s credit and its conversion into cash. The problem of course is that all customers rarely undertake to do what they have committed to do and pay to term. It’s not an unreasonable expectation but that’s typically not how it goes.

People - Process - Platforms

The resources any business requires for the management of its credit, must always be dictated by its credit policy which will determine the required interactions of people, process and platforms, to maximise the policy’s efficient operation, and its profitability.

It makes a credit policy, the start and end point of everything we do. If it doesn’t exist we create it and once implemented, it rules us; determining what we do and when we do it.